Chinese Buddhist Songs
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Daniel Yeo - 'Come Forth' (2003)

Here is another album by Daniel Yeo, it is a collection of Buddhist songs by the Singapore composer.

MP3 1. Come Forth
MP3 [2,990kb] Download
MP3 2. Mundane Attachment
MP3 [3,972kb] Download
MP3 3. Journey
MP3 [2,930kb] Download
MP3 4. Heart Offering
MP3 [3,188kb] Download
MP3 5. Young Heart
MP3 [2,486kb] Download
MP3 6. Growing Up (Karaoke Version)
MP3 [2,9922kb] Download

MP3 7. Come Forth (Karaoke Version)
MP3 [2,960kb] Download
MP3 8. Buddham Saranim Gaccami
MP3 [3,668kb] Download
MP3 9. Magic Perl
MP3 [2,932kb] Download
MP3 10. Coming Home
MP3 [3,002kb] Download
MP3 11. Growing Up
MP3 [2,472kb] Download
MP3 12. Young Heart (Karaoke Version)
MP3 [5,272kb] Download
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