Buddhist Songs
Audio Song files are kindly presented by BuddhaNet.Net

The following files are in MP3 format. Therefore most files could be downloaded and saved by "Right-Clicking" on the specific file and then by selecting "Save Target As" (in Explorer) or "Save Link Target As" (in Netscape). Other browsers may differ when saving files.

Buddhist Songs in English
Universal Wisdom Foundation - 'Science and Buddhism' (1998)
An album of Buddhist songs in English by the Universal Wisdom Foundation, Inc. (Phillipines)
Wayfarers' - 'Collected Works Vol.1' (1998)
Buddhist Devotional songs from the albums of the Wayfarers' Moments of Inspiration & The Sunrise
Chinese Buddhist Songs
Daniel Yeo - 'Man with Love' (2003)
Album by Daniel Yeo, a Buddhist composer from Singapore.
Daniel Yeo - 'Come Forth' (2003)
Here is another collection of Buddhist songs by the Singapore composer.
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